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Travel & sleep

Travelling can mean different things for different people. Regardless of how travel impacts your life, one thing is certain: it can really throw a wrench into your sleep routine. There are a few reasons why travel can have a significant impact on sleep, often in a negative way. But don’t worry – there are also some steps you can take to limit travel’s impact on your rest. 
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What is sleep hygiene?

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule, making your bedroom cozy and relaxing, building in some quiet time to your evening, and exercising during the day can all contribute to ideal sleep hygiene. Paying attention to sleep hygiene is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to achieve better rest. What’s great about it is that sleep hygiene practices can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. In the process, you can create positive habits to make it easier to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up well-rested. 
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Daylight savings time and sleep

Humans are guided by circadian rhythms, which are 24-hour cycles that regulate sleep and other key bodily functions such as appetite and mood. These rhythms are largely dependent on light exposure. The sudden changes in natural light with DST can delay your sleep-wake cycle, making you feel tired in the morning and alert in the evening, or vice versa.
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Is a weighted blanket right for you?

Having the right mattress for you is a huge step forward when it comes to getting the rest you need. But we know that modern life can be stressful, and laying down on something cozy isn’t always enough to quiet down your thoughts. A weighted blanket coupled with your Milton mattress might be a combination worth exploring to revitalize your rest and bring a newfound sense of calm. 
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