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How-to Video

Setup Instructions

1. Lay the Milton box on its side in the room your mattress will sleep in, and slide the plastic-wrapped mattress out of its box. 

2. Place the mattress on the platform, slatted base, or solid surface bed frame you plan to sleep on.
Find the end of the plastic wrap and pull it toward you, allowing the mattress to unroll.

3.Use the enclosed opener/cutter to carefully cut the plastic open on all sides. Be careful not to accidentally cut the cover.
Then remove all the plastic and watch as your big, bountiful butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Your Milton will take its full shape after about 48 hours, but feel free to sleep on it immediately. We wouldn’t be able to wait either.

See how it's done below.

Ask Milton

Will this take some time to get used to?

Any new mattress will require a little time for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface. We recommend 30 days for your body to fully adjust and for Milton to fully break in and air out.

Do I need to flip Milton?

No. Milton is specifically designed so that it never needs to be turned over. Always keep the Milton logo right side up. And if, for some reason, you see it upside down, something has happened in your bedroom that we don’t need to know about. We do recommend rotating it 180 degrees (head to toe) every six months for maximum comfort and life.

Do I need to clean Milton?

Spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water if needed. Never remove the cover to clean, or put it in the dryer—it could shrink—and then you’d have quite the conundrum on your hands.

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