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How much sleep do we really need?

We all know sleep is important. Even without knowing any specific studies, we’ve all experienced those mornings when waking up feels like the last thing we want to do. When coffee-fueled days and late nights feel like the norm, it can be hard to imagine changing your routine. But given that we know how it feels when we don’t get enough sleep, it begs the question: how much do we actually need?  
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Sleep rituals across the world

The rituals and patterns that surround sleep can look different depending on which country and culture you come from. When, where, and how you sleep becomes an offshoot of the culture that you are a part of, just like it does for the food we eat and holidays we celebrate. Here’s a few of our favorite sleeping traditions from this big world we call home.

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Can we actually catch up on sleep?

We’ve all heard about catching up on sleep, but is it something we can actually do? To try and understand how it all works, it helps to first understand why we try and catch up on sleep. Sleep debt, also called a sleep deficit, is the difference between the amount of sleep someone needs and the amount they actually get. For example, if your body needs eight hours of sleep per night, but you only get six, you now have two hours of sleep debt. The most common activities that cause Americans to miss sleep are work hours, commuting, socializing, relaxing, and watching TV.

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Oversleeping vs. Undersleeping

Both oversleeping and undersleeping can harm us in their own ways. Obviously, we can’t all get the perfect amount of sleep every night. But it’s when either one of these turns into a pattern that we can sometimes be in trouble. When we get the right amount of sleep, our bodies can function in an optimum way. Unfortunately, that can mean the reverse is true if we aren’t getting in the ballpark of 8 hours per night. So, what’s the deal with over and under sleeping?

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