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Luxurious comfort that keeps you cooler from head to toe.

Our most luxurious mattress is also our coolest mattress.

Milton Cool Touch Cover is a hot sleeper's dream. Heat exchanging Phase Changing Material creates an extra layer of cooling where the bed meets the body

Milton PhasTEMP™

PhasTEMP™ foam with phase changing material is designed to enhance temperature regulation while providing pressure relief and individual support. Infused with active charcoal, this layer lowers heat faster so you can sleep while naturally eliminating odors, moisture and bacteria.

Milton Cool Gel One of the industry's most tested cooling memory foams for temperature-controlled comfort.

Milton Smart Core™

Our high-density foam core is tested and proven for superior expansion right out of the box to provide a consistent edge-to-edge surface for superior support and proper spinal alignment.

Milton Comforluxe Cool Relief 4.0 Our Best Seller!

This bed-in-a-box is also cooling comfort in-a-box. Our most luxurious, cooling comfort on the plushest mattress in our lineup.

This is our best-selling mattress. The most luxurious, cooling comfort in the most supportive mattress in our lineup.

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