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Sharpen your memory with better rest

Sharpen your memory with better rest

Memory and sleep are integrally connected. The relationship between the two has been studied for over one hundred years. Research shows a clear consensus: a good night’s rest not only promotes good physical health, but also allows our brains to function properlySo, that means getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is key to keeping your memory sharp. 

Getting enough rest helps you process new information once you wake up. Not only that but sleeping after learning can help consolidate information into memories, allowing you to store them in your brain. Memory consolidation is the process where the brain keeps what’s important as memories and discards the rest – the random details that aren’t needed.  

A healthy adult’s sleep cycle consists of four distinct stages. The first two stages are considered light sleep, and the third is deep (or “slow-wave”) sleep. These three stages prepare your brain to learn new information the following day. Not sleeping or not getting enough sleep can lower your learning ability by a whopping 40%. 

Memory is the stories we keep that embody our lives. It’s every experience, feeling, and event that proved important enough to stick in our minds when so many other things did not. It’s crucial to protect your memory as a very basic form of protecting yourself. Given how important sleep is in making sure that happens, it’s vital you do it in the best place possible. Here at Milton, we’ve been hand-crafting mattresses for three generations. Serving our customers with an excellent night’s sleep is of the utmost importance to us, just as protecting your memories through rest is important to you.  


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