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Best and worst US cities for sleep

Best and worst US cities for sleep

We’ve all heard New York described as ‘the city that never sleeps’. Catchy slogans aside, there are real reasons why people in some cities may sleep better – or worse – than people in others. A study carried out by the Sleep Foundation, in partnership with Sleep Cycle, helped identify the cities in the US where people are getting the best sleep, and the cities where people could use more shut-eye. 

To help explain why people in a certain city are sleeping the way that they are, the study considered three main variables. Firstly, they measured the average amount of leisure time people in the city get. When people have more leisure time, they tend to be more active, which helps mitigate a host of health problems and allows better rest at night. Secondly, they measured rates of obesity due to its correlation with insomnia, sleep apnea, and daytime sleepiness. Thirdly, they measured rates of Type 2 Diabetes, as symptoms can often include poor sleep quality. Using each of these measurements, researchers were able to help attribute causes to sleep patterns in different cities. Here’s what they found. 

Corpus Christi, TX ranked as the worst city for sleep in the US. Located in southern Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, the population of Corpus Christi is at a higher risk for obesity, diabetes, and mental health issues than other cities in the US. Second to last on our list, we have Los Angeles. The City of Angels comes in last place in several categories, including the percentage of the population that report having leisure time, a dental or doctor check-up in the past year, and a comparatively high diabetes risk. Santa Ana, CA came in at third worst. 

Seattle placed first in the study as best sleep city in the US. Seattle’s landscape lush green setting perched between mountains and the ocean makes it one of the most sought-after destinations in the Pacific Northwest. Ninety-two percent of Seattle residents have health insurance, and only 7% are at risk for diabetes. Also, 87% of the population reports having leisure time, which is the highest percentage per capita in the study. In second and third place, there’s highly active San Francisco, CA and sunny Colorado Springs, CO. 

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