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"Everyone deserves to feel comfortable."

                                          — Milton Smith

In a complicated world, Milton Sleep Company exists to make choosing the right mattress as simple as possible.

For over 70 years, our family-owned business has built mattresses for premium brands like Serta. The values of our founder, Milton Smith, drive everything we do: consistently deliver a comfortable, quality sleep experience with integrity and kindness.

Our mattresses are built here in the U.S.A. to provide the features you need to rest comfortably without any nonsense that only raises the price.

Made in the USA

The story of Milton Sleep Company began in Austin, Texas in 1940. Our grandfather, Milton Smith, built a successful furniture-making business from the ground up. He was obsessed with innovation, service, and making the best products possible. Our little, family-owned business grew to be the largest furniture and mattress manufacturer west of the Mississippi. Today, we know that quality rest only comes from a spirit of restlessness our grandfather inspired in us decades ago. So, it is an honor to continue his legacy of excellence in all our Milton Sleep Co. mattresses.

Our People and Our Promise

Most mattress makers use third-party manufacturers to make their beds. Not us. Every bed we make is from our craftsmen and craftswomen right here in the USA. We’d never turn our reputation over to anybody else, because our name is as important as your good night’s sleep. We guarantee quality, satisfaction, and durability because we built it.

The Knowledge and The New

Everything matters. We know a mattress is only comfortable if every step component feels good. It's the latest material and manufacturing innovations stitched together with time-tested know-how and good old-fashioned customer care. We don't take your dollars or your time for granted. Our grandfather was always looking ahead to see what was next, but he never forgot that value and kindness always matter.

Try Us

Try us. We're not only less expensive than other bed-in-a-box mattresses, but we've packed in more experience to get it right the first night, right out of the box. Our 100-night risk-free trial might help you sleep a little easier, but we think the mattress will take care of that.


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