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Travel & sleep

Travel & sleep

Travelling can mean different things for different people. For those who travel for business, it might be a chore. For those who use it as an opportunity for family time, maybe it’s something you save up for and look forward to. Regardless of how travel impacts your life, one thing is certain: it can really throw a wrench into your sleep routine. There are a few reasons why travel can have a significant impact on sleep, often in a negative way. But don’t worry – there are also some steps you can take to limit travel’s impact on your rest. 

How travel impacts sleep 

It’s no secret that travel can make us weary. Travel fatigue refers to the symptoms generated by physical and mental stress from travel. Symptoms can range from exhaustion, to headaches, to sleep loss. Jetlag can doesn’t help, with your circadian rhythm (your body’s internal 24hr cycle) no longer matching up with the night and day of your new location. Drastic changes in schedule, diet, and exercise routines that often accompany traveling to a new place all work to exacerbate travel fatigue.  

What you can do about it 

So, if we know that travel fatigue can make traveling harder, it begs the question: what can we do about it? There are a few things that can be done before, during, and after travel which can help. In the week before you leave, make sure to try and minimize pre-travel stress. Ensuring that loose ends are tied up prior to departing and that key logistics for when you arrive at your destination (where you’re staying, how to get there, etc.) are planned can help a lot. Drinking lots of water during your travel day can help you feel refreshed, and frequent hand washing can minimize exposure to germs and keep you healthy during your trip. Try not to overschedule yourself in your first few days of the trip or once you return home, as your body will be re-adjusting in both of those cases. Most importantly, making sure you have an extra comfortable Milton mattress to come home to will ensure you’ll always have something to look forward to. 


All information taken from National Sleep Foundation.


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