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Taking care of your mattress

Taking care of your mattress

If you’re anything like our customers, then we know you put a lot of time, thought, and effort into picking the right mattress for yourself and for your family. It’s only right for you to wonder what steps you can take to make sure that investment pays off. Some basic mattress care recommendations, such as using a supportive bed box or bed frame, can help you sleep more comfortably for a longer amount of time. Regular mattress maintenance may also help your mattress last longer avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. We’re here to help you out with some tips on how to take care of your Milton mattress, because it’s important to us that our community gets the most comfortable night of sleep possible.

Giving some thought to proper mattress maintenance may help you get more years out of your mattress. Taking care of a mattress includes knowing when to rotate it. It’s normal for a mattress to develop slight indentations in the areas that you usually lie on. To evenly break in the sleep surface and avoid having one part of the bed grow softer than the rest, most manufacturers recommend regularly rotating the mattress from head to foot, every 6-12 months. For the most accurate information, it’s important to consult the details on your specific brand and bed type.

Washing your sheets and bedding regularly is important for a multitude of reasons, but it can also help protect your mattress from premature damage. The dirt and oils which accumulate on your bedding can gradually seep into your mattress. Bedding also attracts dust mites and other allergens, which may disrupt sleep for those with allergies. In general, you should wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week, or more often if your pets sleep with you. Doing each of these things can help ensure that your Milton mattress lasts for the long term, bringing you night after night of peaceful sleep.


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