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New tech vs. tradition when it comes to your mattress

New tech vs. tradition when it comes to your mattress

Life is all about the balance. And as we all know, some things are easier to balance than others.

When it comes to a great night’s sleep, it can be hard to know which route to take. Do you embrace tradition? After all, generations of Americans have been sleeping on standard, simple mattresses and they got along just fine. On the other hand, the thought of having all the new bells and whistles – and materials you can hardly pronounce, let alone know what they do – can be a tempting offer. And with so many brands and mattress types to choose from, we know the struggle can be real.

One thing our customers tell us they value in Milton Sleep Co is how long we’ve been around. When you’ve been at the forefront of an industry for 70 years, you pick up a thing or two about what’s just a fad, and what’s here to stay. Each Milton mattress brings into play all of the lessons we’ve learned from this industry since the 50’s and incorporates new technology that we know will last for the long haul. Because we’ve seen mattress tech come and go, we’ve got an eye for when something truly serves our customers and is here to stay.

For instance, remember water beds? Those kiddie pools you could sleep on (and occasionally would burst on you in the middle of the night)? Safe to say, that was a fad. On the other hand, you have memory foam – a material specifically designed to mold to a sleeper’s body. Now that’s a quality, lasting material we wanted to keep around. Don’t even get us started on our Cool Touch cover, which helps regulate your body temperature when you sleep. That’s a hot sleepers dream, and we’ve been using it on our Milton mattresses since its discovery.

              So to get right down to it, what should you, as a shopper, do when it comes to buying a mattress? Do you embrace tradition or modernity? With Milton as your guide, we would recommend neither. Because the best mattresses have got a little bit of both.


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