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Does Price Equal Comfort?

Does Price Equal Comfort?

Feeling Good on Your Budget.

By now you probably need a nap after comparing mattresses. We get it, it is exhausting and you’re just looking for a nice bed to recover on. But hopefully this will be a refreshing and encouraging when it comes to picking a mattress that matches with your needs and your budget at the same time. Because there are a lot of options out there that pack in some features that you ultimately might not need.

“Smart Beds”

"Smart" sounds like a good word. And it is! However, a lot of the features incorporated into many smart beds can also add a lot to the bottom line. From the manufacturer’s perspective, that’s the point. They load it up with bullet points that help justify a much higher price point. But do they actually help you sleep better? Do you want to push buttons to fill bladders of air to adjust them to optimum comfort? What’s optimum? Do you want to be graded on how you slept? Do you want it talking to your phone? If so, fantastic. But if you aren’t sure, you might want to keep looking for the sake of your wallet. And often the smarter the bed, the more costly it is to repair if something were to malfunction—in or out of warranty.

Traditional Springs

We’ve been making mattresses for over 70 years, so we’re very familiar with traditional spring beds because we’ve made many of them ourselves. Flat mattresses are typically constructed out of rigid materials, so they’re shipped in their final size and shape. This usually means there is a retailer involved, which means the prices can be higher to account for all the steps and shipping weight, between manufacturing and your home. Traditional flat mattresses can be great, but by their nature can cost more in order to achieve the comfort you’re looking for.

The Psychology of Should

Because we are people, and we’re all different, and our brains are fascinating and complicated, often paying more for a “big purchase” like a mattress can play tricks on our expectations. This is where “should” comes into play. How you “should” be sleeping based on how much you spent vs. how you’re actually feeling after a night’s sleep. The right mattress will provide the right kind of comfort for your body and your mind. The key thing here is to know yourself well and make sure the psychology of your purchase plays to your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Milton Mattress makes different models to help you feel as comfortable as possible—in both body and mind. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping you choose.


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