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Beds For Kids. Because kids really need beds.

Michael Karotkin and SM Wright at Milton Sleep Co. factory

Milton Sleep Co. is kicking off the season of giving with a donation of mattresses and platforms to SM Wright Foundation’s program Beds for Kids. According to national charity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, between 2-3 percent of children do not have beds, they sleep on sofas or the floor.  


“Children need sleep as they’re growing up. Sadly, not all families can afford beds for everyone, so some kids sleep on sofas or even the floor. We know that when kids get good sleep, they learn better. Their behavior is better,” according to SM Wright II, CEO of SM Wright Foundation. “This is why we started Beds for Kids, and why it’s important that we distribute between 500-1,000 beds every year.”

“On behalf of our 135 employees in our factory in Dallas, Milton is delighted to make life a little easier for some children through Beds for Kids, which is a program of the SM Wright Foundation here in Dallas,” said Michael Karotkin, President & CEO of Milton Sleep Co. “I believe the founders of the company, my grandparents, Helen and Milton Smith, would be delighted with this program if they were here with us today.”


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